Philadelphia University's Vision and Strategic Plan
Vision and Strategic Plan

Developing the Model for Professional Education in the 21st Century

Philadelphia University Vision
Philadelphia University is developing the model for professional education in the 21st century.

Philadelphia University Strategic Initiatives
On October 3, 2008, Philadelphia University’s Board of Trustees approved an innovative and bold Strategic Plan aimed at achieving the University’s vision of being the model for professional education in the 21st century.

Since the Plan’s approval, faculty and staff across the University have worked aggressively to implement its seven key initiatives:

1. Formalizing our Signature Learning Approach
2. Achieving Innovation through the Creation of a College Of Design, Engineering and Commerce
3. Advancing Applied Research
4. Investing in Academic Strengths
5. Building Graduate and Professional Programs
6. Developing Innovative Facilities
7. Integrating Curricular and Co-Curricular Learning

From student projects to university-wide collaborations, from innovative facilities to pioneering graduate programs, from global connections to groundbreaking applied research, there are exceptional examples of the Strategic Plan in action throughout the entire University.

One need only to walk through places like Hayward Hall, the Architecture and Design Center or the Philadelphia University Research Center to feel the energy and witness innovation in progress. There are clear examples of how Philadelphia University is developing the 21st-century professional.

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